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Surface mount wiring raceway diagram base website wiring

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I need to run some standard AC wiring for wall lights etc. The problem is I can't do it in-wall for various reasons. So what I am looking for, is some known solution which is on-the-wall and still looks nice or can be made to.

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When someone says surface wiring, the first thought that seems to pop into almost everyone's head is something with all the panache of this :. This doesn't have to be. What about building a cover over wiring which looks like a fireplace mantel or deluxe shelf? It could serve multiple purposes depending on its depth: bar, furniture-wall protector, decorative display, storage, art display, etc.

This is a flat flexible wire that adheres to your wall and can be painted over. They have audio and data variants as well. The wire intended for lighting is low voltage and needs to be used with compatible transformers and lights. While more expensive and restrictive than running exposed conduit, it definitely looks better.

I'd be tempted to run all the wiring along your existing brick or concrete?

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The room will lose a few inches but the final result should look perfect. Check out some of the hollow baseboard products-- I don't know if Plugmold makes one or not-- but it has duplex outlets along its length.

I've seen pictures of 'standard' plugmold with the outlets every foot or so 'built in' to a standard baseboard-- a flat board the same depth as the plugmold, the plug mold on top, with decorative molding at the floor and the top of the plugmold.

Wiremold: How to Install Metal Raceway

With care it looks like a baseboard with outlets every foot. Paint everything to match. Only 'issue' is that the outlets are a bit lower than normal. There are really no products that allow for surface wiring that look decent at all. Almost all of it is ugly and distracting from a nice looking wall. With all that said you really only have a couple of options. First off you could work out how to get the wires inside the wall even if that is way more work than you had anticipated.

Often the "right" solution is the most painful. If in-wall wiring is totally out of the question then your already considered surface mounted wiring may have to be used. Some considerations to think about Can you mount the surface mounted wiring channels so that they are mostly hidden by furniture sitting along the wall? Could you use one of the low profile PVC types and mount it along the floor so it is less noticeable than a line across the middle of the wall? You could consider placing a low profile PVC type raceway in place of the baseboard along the floor.

Then cut the curved part of the top of the existing type of baseboard as a strip to mount alongside the raceway. This would tend to blend the added wire channel into the existing baseboard. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.The Series Steel Raceway provides wiring capacities for small to medium size installations.

The Series Steel Raceway is ideally suited for wiring applications in frequently changing environments such as labs, hospitals and other industrial applications. Entrance knockouts spaced at regular intervals along length of base. Allows power wiring or communications cables to be brought in at a convenient point.

Mounts easily on walls, modular furniture, under raised floors, or over ceiling. Speeds installation; provides flexibility to bring wiring to points of use. Removable cover. Provides access to wiring. Accommodates a variety of receptacles, three-pole circuit breaker housings, and other protective devices.

Provides flexibility for sophisticated wiring systems. Durable ivory ScuffCoat finish makes a scratch resistant surface. Base and cover cutters. Manually operated cutters are lightweight and portable. Cutters offer labor savings for any size job and maintain a factory clean and square cut.

Complete line of fittings. Provides a complete wiring solution and allows for interconnection between raceway systems. Datacom connectivity options. Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point of use.

What Is Surface-Mounted Wiring?

Available prewired. Manufactured to specified job site lengths, raceway comes electrically prewired, ready to install. Jobs can be packaged by room, area, floor, or building and shipped per your job site requirements. Electrical device identification for prewired raceway. See page six for labeling options. Eliminates guesswork or time-consuming circuit tracing and speeds additions and renovations.

Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL Listed factory wired sections. UL5 and ADA compliant. Raceway and fittings meet UL5 specifications and can be installed in conformance with ADA requirements.

Normal ship times remain in effect for available products. Steel Raceway. Single Channel Raceway. That combination does not exist. Available Options. Find a Store. Share this product.Raceways are enclosed channels of metallic rigid steel or aluminum or plastic PVC or HDPE materials designed to hold, hide, and protect wires and cables you don't want hanging and exposed out on walls or ceilings.

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Cable Raceways can be installed below the floor, above the ground, along a wall, or dropped from the ceiling. Most wire raceways can be painted for a customized or matching look. Wire troughs are used to run wires between electrical devices, and provide the ideal solution for organizing cables or wires around your home and office. Cable Raceways are also known as surface raceways, wire channels, cord channels, conduit, wire troughs, trunking, cable cover, and cable ducts.

Latching Raceways: non-metallic raceways perfect for commercial, industrial and residential environments, these rectangular channels come standard with a pre-applied adhesive backing, and offer a wide variety of accessories. They are also called one-piece-latching because one side acts like a hinge while the other side 'clicks' together to form the ideal raceway. Some of the most used latching raceways are 1-piece latching raceways which are functional, affordable and can be used in commercial, industrial and home environments because they are flexible and durable, and are made of flame resistant PVC.

Locking Channels and Wire Clips : A fast solution to routing and organizing exposed cables going to the phones, computers, printers and more. Wire and Cord Channels : each comes with a pre-applied adhesive backing for a complete install. Depending on the diameter of your wire, the channels can be used for single cable applications such as a phone line, or for multiple cords found around televisions and appliances.

Channels are made from self- extinguishing PVC and come in sections that are rounded in the outside. Wire channels come in white, but can be painted or stained to match your decor. Wire Guard : An efficient, innovative and cost-effective system made from high impact PVC that protects wires and conceals them from the elements both indoors and outdoors.

Ideal alternative for use with electrical and communications wiring and cabling. Corner Duct Cable Raceways : An affordable alternative for concealing cables and wires that run between ceilings and walls or in between two walls. Its triangular form allows the duct to blend into walls and ceiling junctions providing a clean and finished appearance. Another benefit is that its snap on cover allows for easy and speedy installation.

Corner Duct can be used as crown molding for home theater applications, comes with a pre-applied adhesive backing, and several accessories are available for a professional look. Corner ducts are made of strong, durable, lightweight, UL VO compliant PVC that can be painted with latex so that it can match perfectly with your walls, ceilings and baseboards.

Low Voltage Raceways : offer functional, attractive and durable ways to securely hide and route cables in commercial or residential environments. With their unique flip-open design, wire troughs are designed for easy installation and cable access. Ideal to use in schools, hospitals, offices, and home theater applications. J-Channel : The durable plastic construction is long wearing and provides great protection. The self-adhesive backing allows for mounting on furniture, baseboards and walls; while its open top at the top of the channel permits easy installation and access to cables.

This makes it a very economical solution to organize your computer, telephone, and other electronic wires and cables both in residential and commercial environments. Since it is made of durable, lightweight polypropylene, the EZ Hidewire can be painted or stained to match your decor. Hinged Raceways: is a low voltage raceway made with flame resistant PVC that is ideal to route and protect cables such as shielded and unshielded twisted pairs, fiber optic, coaxial among others.

Because there are many accessories available such as ceiling entries, end caps, 3-way tees, inside corners, outside corners, hinged raceways can be used to accommodate all your needs. Also, since you can paint it with latex, hinged raceways can match your decor and become almost invisible.

Raceway On A Roll : is a unique low cost cable management system made of rigid PVC that is used for concealing all types of wires and cables. Like the EZ Hidewire raceway, this rol can be cut with scissors to make each raceway the right length for you.

Pan Way Cable Raceways : are non-metallic multi-channel capable raceway ideal to protect, route, and conceal data, voice, video, fiber optic and power cables with a rating of up to volts.

A benefit of the multi-channel design is that it allows you to divide cable runs or separate cables according to their types. Pan Way raceways are made from impact resistant material that will not peel or corrode. Pan-Way Metallic Raceways: are raceways that provide maximum flexibility for routing, concealing, and protecting high performance copper, voice, video, fiber-optic and electrical wiring.

Pan Way metallic cable raceway provides a full line of accessories that are designed to maintain proper bend radius control, channel capacity and separation in applications requiring both data cabling and power wiring.When outdoor drops of cable from lighting, speakers, extension cords, etc.

Not only unsightly, but this also leaves the runs themselves open to wearing and damage. Are we missing the specification you need?

surface mount wiring raceway diagram base website wiring

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Frequently Asked Questions Have a question that is not answered here? Related Items. View Products. View More. By using our site you consent to cookies as described in our Privacy Policy OK.Household electrical work can be an intimidating thing for many homeowners.

The thought of cutting holes in drywall, drilling holes in studs and fishing wires through the walls can send even the sturdiest do-it-yourselfer scurrying to the phone to call a costly electrician.

In those areas, you can save a ton of money and install surface wiring. What is surface wiring? The uses for surface wiring are limited by your imagination.

You can add a hard-wired carbon monoxide detector to the smoke detector, you can add a switch to control an outlet or you can add a light fixture to the other side of the ceiling, really, the uses are endless. Surface wiring is a means by which the electrical wires travel from outlet to outlet. The raceways come in two different styles. The traditional metal raceway is used for electrical purposes and the plastic raceway is used for low-voltage applications or for computer network systems.

For the metal raceway surface mounting system, there are a few parts needed for a successful installation. First, there are clips that get screwed into the wall. The clips hold onto the metal raceway, keeping it secure to the wall. Next, there are internal and external elbows, as well as degree turns. They allow you to maneuver the raceway over and around soffits, corner bends and up or down-turns.

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A plastic raceway is very easy to install because it is usually connected to the wall with double-sided tape since it never carries higher voltage wires.

Installation of metal raceway surface wiring is pretty easy.

surface mount wiring raceway diagram base website wiring

The first thing to do is to plan out the entire installation before proceeding. For this job you will need:. Once that is done, remove the cover plate and unscrew the outlet from the box. Take the opened-back junction box and screw the backplate to the wall box. We will use the one on the right, in the center.

Measure from the point where the tab gets split on the backplate. Write down that number. Now, measure the portion of the internal elbow from the corner to the start of its tab.

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Subtract that number from the first measurement. Measure and mark the wire-mold and cut it with the hacksaw. Use the needle-nose pliers to smooth out any rough edges on the inside of the wire mold's cut end. Slide the back part of the corner bend into one end of the wire-mold.In retrofit applications, where cutting into a wall or ceiling to add additional outlets or light fixtures isn't practical, a great option is to use a surface-mounted wiring system.

surface mount wiring raceway diagram base website wiring

Several different systems are available that use either metal or plastic raceways that extend from an existing wall outlet or ceiling box and allow you to run wires along the face of the wall or ceiling to one or more surface-mounted outlets or light fixtures.

It can be a great way to bring better electrical service to an apartment, for example, where a renter may not have the ability to make major renovations. Generally, this type of wiring is often known as wire mold, although technically Wiremold is a proprietary brand from the Legrand company. Wiremold comes in either a plastic or metal form and varies in depth and thickness, depending on the installation.

Individual wire conductors are fed from box to box through the surface-mounted raceway that protects it, with special elbows used to make inside and outside corners, left and right-hand turns.

Outdoor Cable Raceway - Kable KontrolĀ®

There are also union splices used to join individual straight sections for long runs. Surface-mounted parts and raceway come in metal and plastic. At home centers, you can buy kits including lengths of straight raceways and fittings, or individual lengths of raceway and fittings, as needed. Manufacturer's instructions for installation are generally very easy to follow.

Both types are paintable. So if you're in a pinch and need to extend a circuit to add a light fixture, switch, or outlet and don't want to tear into the walls, surface-mounted wiring may be for you.

Read More.Need help to find the right choice for you? Check out our guide below! Surface raceway is used to route wires through a discreet wall cord concealer that will improve the aesthetics in just about any room, and is a great and affordable way to conceal and protect cables in both home or office. Our plastic cable raceway is available in many different styles including latching 1-piecesliding cover, and J channel versions, and installation is simple.

Many cable track styles have self-sticking adhesive backing, can be cut to any desired size, and are paintable to match your decor.

There are also several varieties of specialty raceway for industrial, commercial or outdoor applications: wire guards for utility poles, solid cable trays for sensitive fiber optic cables, ADA compliant overfloor raceways, and many more! A raceway, in cable management parlance, is essentially any rigid enclosed or semi-enclosed channel that protects, routes and hides cables and wires.

Surface raceway is an excellent choice for concealing unsightly wires in a number of settings: home theaters, offices, conference rooms, workstations, and more. But which kind is right for your application? We'll break down the different styles of raceway we offer, and let you know the benefits of each.

Latching raceway is identifiable by its hinged or sliding cover that fully encloses the cables within the channel.

To add or remove wires, you simply open the hatch or slide the cover off. It's available in many different sizes, and is great for cables around the house like speaker wires or TV cords. Adhesive allows it to stick to flat surfaces like walls or desks. Latching raceway is a discreet way to conceal and fully enclose household wires.

surface mount wiring raceway diagram base website wiring

This allows for easy access to cables when needed, but also means the cables are not fully enclosed. Due to the open nature, they cannot be used in a vertical manner like latching raceway, and are usually found in use on desks to route computer cables and other related wires neatly and well off the ground.

Like latching raceway, they often feature an adhesive backing for easy install. It utilizes a sliding cover to completely conceal cables, and can be utilized horizontally or vertically on pretty much any corner, even mimicking the look of crown molding to further disguise its purpose. These are good for media, speaker and home theater cables located near the corner of a room, or for cables that hang from the ceiling.

Power raceway incorporates a power source directly into the raceway. While the previous raceways discussed are usually made of PVC, power raceway can be composed of plastic or metal. This makes it great for labs, offices, schools and other commercial applications, though it often requires a more experienced installer, unlike most other raceway that can be easily installed by any do-it-yourselfer. Such as wire guards for utility poles or the outer walls of buildings, for example, or cable support systems like the Cable Runway or Panduit's Fiber Runner.

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