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Read linksys cfg file

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By using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Manage your Cookies Settings. Join Now login. Ask Question. Hi, I am an intern and I am tasked with writing a batch file to get information from a router's config file then store it in a database on a server.

I do not have any idea of how to do this and so far have found nothing which sheds any light. Can someone please tell me if this is possible and point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance. Jun 24 ' Post Reply. Share this Question.

read linksys cfg file

Heya, justintaitt. Welcome to TSDN! I'm going to go ahead and move this to the Windows forum, where you'll receive more relevant exposure.

Hi Doing it manually is not an option since that was what sparked the problem in the beginning. However now I am looking at some other alternatives. I am not sure. I was just given an overview and told to check it out. I'll find out and get to you all though. So far I was thinking about using winscp to copy the config file to the local pc then work from there.

Jun 25 ' Hi everyone, It is a Cisco router. Jun 27 ' Hi, I am not sure if it is encrypted or not. As I said before I have not yet been given the project officially so I do not have much info. Could you still give me your suggestion anyway?

Jun 29 ' Where is the file located? Can you SSH? Ok I will check out that site and pass it on to the other intern. Thanks alot. Jul 2 ' Jul 3 'Step 1: From the Management page, click on the Backup and Restore column. Router would get an IP and all config info, client would connect, but couldn't get to the outside world. How do I open this? I tried notepad but it is nothing comprehensible. Click Browse to locate the file.

Hello, Comcast just made me install a new modem to be fair, my speakeasy DL times have doubled to about 20mb! Perusing these forums, I found When you tell a linksys router to backup its setting it saves out a file called NVCfgData. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried this. Step 2: A new window will appear for you to select the configuration. Y: Restore Configuration. Ferdinand State Forest. Ina local conservation club raised funds to buy acres to build a lake and establish an area to hunt and fish.

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read linksys cfg file

Then one day your router stops working and you must reset it back to it's default settings, losing all the configuration information. Not a problem if you have a backup of the configuration that can be easily imported back into the router. Once you have connected to the administration interface, select from the menu: Administration — Config Management.

Then click on the Backup button and select the destination to save the file consider saving it CD or USB drive for safe keeping. If there is a need to restore the settings, first select the browse button and navigate to where you saved the backup file, then select Restore to import the configuration back into the router.

Wireless Adapter Backup. If you have a Linksys wireless adapter installed in your PC, you can also backup the configuration. Open the Network Monitor from the System Tray green icon next to the clock and select the Profiles tab at the top, then select Export and save to the same location as above with the router backup.

If you need to restore the adapter configuration, just select Import from the Network Monitor. To set a Linksys wireless router back to the factory defaults, look on the back of the router for the Reset button, then press and hold for 30 seconds.

I can't backup my configuration.

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My browser can't find the configuration file to download? What am I doing wrong? If you connect to your Linksys router admin interface using HTTPS there is a bug when trying to backup the config file. Watching The Net : I tried to reset the router…it wants me to put in a user name and I never did that when I first set it up. It won't work without a user name.

I am doing this because I lost my internet connection and instead of buying a new router, I am resetting it all over again. I want to get an N router. Can I use the back up file to import all my settings from the G to the N? More than likely you can't use the existing backup file. What I have done in the past was copy the addresses from the MAC filters list, then paste them in one at a time on the new router.

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I have been trying to be using this shut down command prompt from MSDOS command prompt but up till now I have now got a positive result. Then I will input all necessary parameters as required but since I have been doing it I have not succeeded in shutting down a remote system. It works just fine so far. I need to back up the current settings on it but I don't see the "Config Management" under the "Administration" option.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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I use the tomato firmware for my router and I'm sick of the web interface. Does anyone know what files correspond to different configurations? It is possible to do perform configuration tasks from the command line, but the documentation is somewhat sparse. It looks like command line access is there more for diagnostic purposes.

Maybe it's time to give the more bare-bones OpenWRT a go?

Read linksys cfg file

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Editing router config files by hand Ask Question. Asked 11 years ago. Active 11 years ago.

Viewed 6k times. Where is the static DHCP kept? Russ Warren 1, 10 10 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. Is it just me, or does the lack of a tag or description in here of what kind of router this is make you not want to work on an answer? I've already hit the rep limit today.

Help Reading Router Config File

Somebody else, have at. Maybe "tomato firmware" answers this but what router?Configuration files contain commands entered to customize the function of the Cisco IOS software. To better benefit from these instructions, your access point contains a minimal default running configuration for interacting with the system software.

For example, you might add another access point to your network and want it to have a configuration similar to the original access point. By copying the file to the new access point, you can change the relevant parts rather than recreating the whole file.

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To configure the access point by using a configuration file downloaded from a TFTP server, follow these steps:. Step 3: Log into the access point through a Telnet session. Use one of these privileged EXEC commands:. The configuration file downloads, and the commands are executed as the file is parsed line-by-line. This example shows how to configure the software from the file tokyo-confg at IP address Step 1: Verify that the FTP server is properly. Step 2: Log into the access point through a Telnet session.

Step 3: Enter global configuration mode on the access point. This step is required only if you override the default remote username or password see Steps 4, 5, and 6.

Step 4: Optional Change the default remote username. Step 5: Optional Change the default password.

read linksys cfg file

Step 6: Using FTP, copy the configuration file from a network server to the running configuration or to the startup configuration file. This example shows how to copy a configuration file named host1-confg from the netadmin1 directory on the remote server with an IP address of You can copy configuration files from an rcp server to the router.

The rcp protocol requires a client to send a remote username on each rcp request to a server. When you copy a configuration file from the router to a server using rcp, the Cisco IOS software sends the first valid username it encounters in the following sequence:. For the rcp copy request to execute, an account must be defined on the network server for the remote username.

If the server has a directory structure, the configuration file or image is written to or copied from the directory associated with the remote username on the server. For example, if the system image resides in the home directory of a user on the server, specify that user name as the remote username.

To copy a configuration file from an rcp server to the running configuration or startup configuration, use the following commands beginning in privileged EXEC mode:.Our tech support team is happy to help you with any questions you might have. Nagios XI is the easy-to-use, enterprise version of Nagios that features:. Download a free day trial of Nagios XI or give the online demo a spin. Inquire today and let our Quickstart team help you get started with Nagios XI.

This document describes how you can monitor the status of network switches and routers. Some cheaper "unmanaged" switches and hubs don't have IP addresses and are essentially invisible on your network, so there's not any way to monitor them. More expensive switches and routers have addresses assigned to them and can be monitored by pinging them or using SNMP to query status information. I'll describe how you can monitor the following things on managed switches, hubs, and routers:.

Note : These instructions assume that you've installed Nagios according to the quickstart guide.

read linksys cfg file

The sample configuration entries below reference objects that are defined in the sample config files commands. Monitoring switches and routers can either be easy or more involved - depending on what equipment you have and what you want to monitor.

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As they are critical infrastructure components, you'll no doubt want to monitor them in at least some basic manner. Switches and routers can be monitored easily by "pinging" them to determine packet loss, RTA, etc. If your switch supports SNMP, you can monitor port status, etc. There are several steps you'll need to follow in order to monitor a new router or switch. They are:. To make your life a bit easier, a few configuration tasks have already been done for you:.

You can modify the definitions in these and other definitions to suit your needs better if you'd like. However, I'd recommend waiting until you're more familiar with configuring Nagios Core before doing so. The first time you configure Nagios Core to monitor a network switch, you'll need to do a bit of extra work.

Remove the leading pound sign from the following line in the main configuration file:. What did you just do? That's where you'll be adding host and service definitions for routers and switches.

How to Backup Your Linksys Wireless Router Configuration

That configuration file already contains some sample host, hostgroup, and service definitions. Add a new host definition for the switch that you're going to monitor.You can use this to write Python programs which can be customized by end users easily.

This library does not interpret or write the value-type prefixes used in the Windows Registry extended version of INI syntax. Support for creating Unix shell-like mini-languages which can be used as an alternate format for application configuration files.

The json module implements a subset of JavaScript syntax which can also be used for this purpose. The structure of INI files is described in the following section. Essentially, the file consists of sections, each of which contains keys with values.

As you can see, we can treat a config parser much like a dictionary. There are differences, outlined laterbut the behavior is very close to what you would expect from a dictionary. As we can see above, the API is pretty straightforward. Note also that keys in sections are case-insensitive and stored in lowercase 1. Config parsers do not guess datatypes of values in configuration files, always storing them internally as strings. This means that if you need other datatypes, you should convert on your own:.

Since this task is so common, config parsers provide a range of handy getter methods to handle integers, floats and booleans. The last one is the most interesting because simply passing the value to bool would do no good since bool 'False' is still True.

This is why config parsers also provide getboolean. For example:. Apart from getbooleanconfig parsers also provide equivalent getint and getfloat methods. You can register your own converters and customize the provided ones.

Please note that default values have precedence over fallback values. If we try to get it from the section 'topsecret. One more thing to be aware of is that the parser-level get method provides a custom, more complex interface, maintained for backwards compatibility. When using this method, a fallback value can be provided via the fallback keyword-only argument:.

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The same fallback argument can be used with the getintgetfloat and getboolean methods, for example:. By default, section names are case sensitive but keys are not 1.

Leading and trailing whitespace is removed from keys and values. Values can also span multiple lines, as long as they are indented deeper than the first line of the value.

Configuration files may include comments, prefixed by specific characters and ; by default 1. Comments may appear on their own on an otherwise empty line, possibly indented. On top of the core functionality, ConfigParser supports interpolation. This means values can be preprocessed before returning them from get calls.

The default implementation used by ConfigParser. It enables values to contain format strings which refer to other values in the same section, or values in the special default section 1. Additional default values can be provided on initialization. All interpolations are done on demand so keys used in the chain of references do not have to be specified in any specific order in the configuration file. An alternative handler for interpolation which implements a more advanced syntax, used for instance in zc.

Interpolation can span multiple levels. For convenience, if the section: part is omitted, interpolation defaults to the current section and possibly the default values from the special section.

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